Mask prevents an outbreak of the COVID in a barber shop in the EU: study


Two hairdressers from the United States, which used facial tissues covid be infected-19 is not the disease is transmitted to nearly 140 customers, who saw that in the course of several days, said a study Tuesday.

The centers for control and prevention of diseases, which published the report, said the results reinforce the importance of the universal policy, which covered the face, as to stop the spread of the virus SARS-CoV-2.

May 12, a hairdresser (Barber) developed respiratory symptoms in a living room, in Springfield, Missouri, and worked with customers to 20. May, if he is a positive result of a test for the coronavirus.

The hairdresser who ignored medical advice not to isolate yourself, after the test on the 18.

A second hair stylist (the hairdresser’s B) that were exposed to his partner, developed symptoms continued on the 15th of may and work until may 20, when the hair-stylist, you have your result.

The hair-stylist B was positive after two days.

The lounge was closed for three days for disinfection, while the health officials of the County of Greene a follow-up of contacts, The identification of a total of 139 clients served by the two hairdressers who are infected.

The rest of the staff of the barber shop was also in quarantine for two weeks.

In the case of the interaction with the customer, both women worked with the face covered: the hair-stylist For a mask, use cotton, double layer, while the hair-stylist B, and both a mask made of cotton double layer as a by a op.

But even if the hairdresser had symptoms that were both interactive with each other, without wearing facial protection in the intervals between customers.

The 139 customers symptoms were observed during the following two weeks, and they offered the test to all of them, will be carried out five days after exposure.

None of the 67 clients who had carried out the test was positive, and none of those who refused the test symptoms reported during the next 14 days in responding to daily SMS to ask news, for your health.

The gender of the clients was divided almost evenly between men and women and their age was between 21 and 93, in the average of 52. The vast majority of them wore masks during the entire duration of their dates, which vary between 15 and 45 minutes.

A large part of the customer, using the mask, a cloth or surgical, while about 5% of them N95 wore.

Scientists believe that, although the large droplets expelled by people, which is released during coughing or sneezing are the main responsible for the spread of the covid-19, the droplet-free, the common language, they are also potentially dangerous.

This is especially important because people can spread the virus back can, without knowing it, in the first two or three days to develop the symptoms, and even an air carrier may symptoms develop.

The authors of the CDC report comes to the conclusion: “It must be borne in mind that the widespread adoption of policies that require that cover your face in public environments-reduces the impact and extent of further waves of the covid-19”.

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