Nicaragua.- Nicaragua-fixed the 7. November 2021 as a date for the election and extends the deadline for the party of education



The government of Nicaragua, this was confirmed on Tuesday, that the next General elections, which will take place on 7. November 2021 and has announced an extension of the deadline for new parties to face up to the elections.

The Supreme electoral authority (CSE) in the country, has also extended, until June 2021, to ask the time, for the “legal status” of new political formations, as shown in The Official Gazette of Nicaragua.

Applicants for a new political party will be able to get the forms and submit all the necessary requirements up to that time, five months before the holding of the elections in November.

“The deadline to extend the time for obtaining the legal personality to meet all the requirements in a maximum of five months prior to the day to celebrate the upcoming election of national authorities on 7. November 2021,” reads the text.

This means that the judges of the CSE have been conducted a unilateral reform of article 77 of the election law, which States that “for the presentation of the candidates, the political parties have obtained their legal personality at least twelve months prior to the date of the elections of the national authorities, and six months for the other, and similarly, the CSE submit a written request”.

However, to understand in his document, the CSE is that the change is due, in large part, to the pandemic of coronavirus, was to “limit some of the activities to organizational and social, including those that participate in the certification of the legal guidelines in the right to participate in the elections”.

Some scholars, such as José Pallais Arana, as has been said, for his part, it will be “illegal”, because it is a one-sided reform on the part of the judges on the CSE, you can not press this kind of action, without which there is a process in the national Assembly carried out, according to the newspaper ‘The’.