Oh, what a voice! Sandra Instagram, impressed by his musical talent


MEXICO- Itatí Cantoral was noted not only for his undoubted talent in front of the screen, but also became one of the most beautiful Actresses of the environment. Still looks very well organized and almost never loses their own style of elegant and glamorous. However, recently surprised his followers when to come to work, no more and nadad, however, that with pajamas. As you read, Itatí Cantoral put aside the glamor and went to work in my pajamas.

But, fortunately, all of this was a scene than his new telenovela “mexicana and güero”, “How are you going to work in my pajamas?”, was the question that accompanies the picture, which the actress poses on the side of their colleagues and performers, Gala Montes, Daniela Alvarez, Iran Castle and Gabriel Zamora. All of them wear comfortable outfits to start recording the scene most.

For what we see through social networks, mainly INSTAGRAM. This novel is already dependent on us, and not only actors, but also diligence and effort, which induce in each of the scenes. In addition professionalism that once again, better screens. This production is already one of the most anticipated, fans who never cease to enjoy every publication of the actress.

Longing for Covid-19

Recently it became known that the family Itatí Cantoral there was a moment difficult because he confirmed that his brother Joseph Cantoral was positive before Covid-19. However, announced that, fortunately, was already better and she continued necessary care and calm in his house. Though the actress nothing to say on this subject, it is known that he was in constant contact with his brother to find out how to develop.

A message from infecting his brother arrived shortly after that I would like to know, fake, Itatí Cantoral and Juan Soler. That, no doubt, was a big relief for the actress, who admitted to feeling depressed and was very upset when I learned that was positive for the virus, which so much of life, had died. Fortunately, all were on a bad experience, and were able to confirm that she and her coestrella, very good for health.