Relanzarán project of the train Mexico-Queretaro



The Federal government starts in this year an invitation to tender, the resumption of the construction of the Train Mexico–Queretaro-Leon and also the development of s-Bahn-Chalco – Santa Martha, regardless of whether the analysis is carried out between Guadalajara and Aguascalientes, and the termination of the train Mexico-Toluca, reported Javier Jimenez Espriú, Secretary of communications and Transport.

To participate in the press conference, the daily report on the progress of the programs of the welfare, the official informed that “the train Mexico – Querétaro – León, is one of the, many advantages and many opportunities. Then it is very likely that in the course of this year, we launch a call for the end of the train, Toluca – Mexico and for the construction of the train Mexico – Querétaro – León”.

He added that in addition, it is planned, a s-Bahn-Chalco to Santa Marthathis is a project that, in the future, for a time, the already completed your studies and are analyses of the financial mechanisms. To boot, “what we will do. A s-Bahn, which moves 300 thousand people per day, because it is an area that is populated heavily”.

He said that the transport will serve the means of the various airports in the airport System of Mexico.

On the other hand, stressed that in the area of roads, paths, with which Mexico are not competitive in comparison to those in the United States and Canada. He added that the metering international, our country ranked 34 out of 140 countries, while the American Union the position 5, and in Canada on 17.

Unfortunately, we are not in the same conditions, both on the road network, as well as in other media, there are large asymmetries between the three countries, the T-MEC,” he said.

He added that the T-MEC is a mechanism of great opportunities and tremendous benefits for the country, but there is a lot of work to do, both on the road infrastructure, as well as in the ports. “The airport we are not so bad, but in the ports and very bad in the telecommunications sector.

He stressed that “there is no more moches” is the account with the appropriate resources that allow the current administration to 25 percent more.

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