Run out of love? Marriage Gloria Trevi is not in the best shape


MEXICO – IN tiktoker Domelipatold his fans that this week will be something very important, so he told his followers that they will remain on earrings from social networks. The message caused a chaos of assumptions, because some people thought this ad, apparently, their relationship is a don-Type Contreras, others that in the end will meet with her boyfriend, and while he thought he read her stay in Ecuador.

However, it seems that none of the options were successful, because the only real thing happened, and let them know, through your profile, TIKTOK, was her new makeover. He was used to her fans, her mane down to his shoulders, but his new style, looks, a beautiful girl with a cut to the chin, in the style of Bob. Which, of course, left its fans in wonder.


Willy Wonka

♬ – Tons – briandadeyanara

Supporters Domelipadon’t miss your chance to say how good he looks, and that’s what he reminded the Dome, as before, with his hair cut. Among the comments were, it was possible to read; “beauty “dome” before”, “I Missed you this court” and “Beautiful”. And this, of course, your new image, left super, I have no doubt that you know how to make look even the slightest changes.

Continues the intrigue

Similarly, his followers provecharon the opportunity to congratulate Domelipafor not reached 12 million followers in TIKTOK, their popularity is growing and it knows very well. For what does not cease to thank his fans for their support and expressions of love provided that leads from the quarry, and does not lose the opportunity to say how much he loves.

Now, the intrigue remains on edge because of the following 15 July, will celebrate its anniversary from her current boyfriend Kevin, better known as Kevlex. But not to publish anything about their relationship, there was no doubt that they’re still together or not. What complicates things in regards to the rumors about his “secret love,” with Rod Contreras, so we can only wait to see as part of the anniversary, gives a sign that love still exists.



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