the trend that stands out this summer, thanks to the mask


Eyebrows took on the role of special from the obligation to apply the mask outside the home. Look, eyes and all that is associated with this zone the body becomes more noticeable than any other, and keep track of trends can help you to emphasize our appearance.

Since the beginning of the year, laminate eyebrow as a top trend and will consolidate this yearhow to naturally enhance the expression of opinion. This new the style is displayed in accordance with the new forms of beauty and fashion which occurred during incarceration, and generally give a more natural look, how to keep your hair in hairstyles, more complex.

Does not cease to be a good way to reject such perfect eyebrows and thin years ago, which require maintenance, very carefully, and we invite eyebrows, population and natural due to the system, which began in Russia but managed to get all the models known at that time. In addition, treatment promises increased 30% after first session and about the eyebrows, 50% more dense (with 3 months.


It is possible to go to the salon and make treatment a moment that is applied to the hair eyebrows, to achieve a smoothing effect, locking up as hair.

Veronica Castro, Director of the center of Barcelona Espai Cmwarns that this treatment sorts, but does not fill the void: “it Gives air for the hair and aliñado on eyebrows, but in any case not able rediseñarlas or fill the area without hair.”

The first thing he does this clean-up and hairstyles with a special product which causes ingrown hairs will be softer and managed. After a while you comb up with the special comb that the brand is a laminate that gives the name to the treatment and he uses a lotion of the study, which straightens the hair and hold it in place.

In General, this procedure, which lasts about 40 minutes depending on the eyebrow each, and you can feel its effect for up to two months, depending on care that happens in the house.

Dand ideal formula for curly eyebrows or “uncontrolled” because the Board and subsequent paint not only givesno that also gives the definition and the effect is neat, clean, Face Delevingne. In addition, it is also interesting that people with light hair color because the lamination makes the paint late own technique provides the effect of eyebrows, seemingly more lively.

In the house

But if you have no time or opportunity to go to the salon you can also to see the effect brow lamination (or brow laminated) in the house. Just the right serum, which fills and strengthens the eyebrows to give it a fluffy and straightening.

In this case Librow serum purified eyebrow more recognizable in the world strengthens and nourishes the hair follicleswhen it gets dark, natural colors, herbal extracts for a natural way.

Method of application this once a day, morning or evening, to clean, dry skinthanks to the applicator that includes that also serves to wipe off the excess product.

Passed the applicator on the skin under the eyebrows in places where they are more thin or sparsely populated and left to dry for 2 or 3 minutess before use of any other cosmetics.