Ursula Corberó submission manicure XXL and pulls out claws is Rosalia


Manicure tra tra proof of Netflix. Ursula Corberó you linked to artificial nails… will there be beads? Didn’t ask the actress, but the new manicure means a step forward in that the inclination to this art should be.

Just XXL and rhinestones. In the beauty salon should not be anything that úrsula Corberó was not tried during his last visit. In addition, explained that her hair has grown significantly, and that she becomes Bob thick hair sharpthe actress stopped to see my Instagram followers your new nail design, manicure is not the same as their usual choices.

Ursula Corberó is one of those stars that always surprise us of their change of images. Also solved hairstyle mullet, luciéndolo before to put in the tag, the trend that causes artist Ivan Gomez and asks you to build her a makeover more radical and original.

But this time our attention was conducted for a manicure, Ursula, nail, XXL, likely created from acrylicthat seemed almost glabrous, up to half of the nail, where the rhinestones are bright and with a hint of Golden champagne finished off the end of the structure.

Photos from Instagram stories to Ursula Corberó. (@ursulolita)
Photos from Instagram stories to Ursula Corberó. (@ursulolita)

To finish the look, it’s nothing like an Instagram filter: blue eyes, skin without blemish, a bit fleshy lips, and he is ready selfi in stories worthy of international success. And again this manicure, innovative.

Still, it’s usually in Ursula Corberó was nails, like claws, those, finished on top. Form almendrada very sharp, it helps that the fingers look more long and thin. When the actress works this nail design usually choose enamel lighterthis is the same as in all Ursula’s nothing minimal. Their enamel, of course, as usual, finishing, buffing or beads to make your manicure more natural.

Bold and with a great personality, like all his characters, was also solved color varnishes ultrallamativas. Its neon manicure, which seemed to glow in the dark with the powerful orange color, we were blinded and proved that loves to draw attention to themselves: “My nails Shine more than your”praying photos from Instagram.

But every day in Tokyo you prefer a manicure is the easiest, less almendrada and enamel colors are opaque that make the nail smoother sanding and elegant. Black remains a nail Polish fetish. If little black dress is the Foundation of the closet, nail Polish black is the same, in the case of beauty.