Air force of Uruguay: they want to get rid of it


Uruguay was not able to sell her presidential jet, but has not taken all of your plans under your sleeve. Photo: @emekavoces

The sale of the Presidential Plane the Uruguay the completion of this Wednesday, no bidders, and the government will try to sell it in a new auction, said the minister of defence, Javier García: “no one was offered by the presidential plane, despite the fact that the base was the third part of the value to be paid in your time,” he said in his Twitter account, minutes after the end of the operation that failed. The fact of the case is reminiscent of the government of Mexico, resulting in the sale of its presidential jet.

“We will be the convening of an auction. It was useless and expensive purchase and more expensive to keep it,” added the officer Uruguay on the Aircraft-Presidencya model jet Hawker HS-125-700A was manufactured in 1979, purchased in the year 2015, during the government of left-wing Tabaré Vázquezfor a little over a million dollars. The current President of the Centro derechista Luis Lacalle Pou the view that a price is excessive, unnecessary and expensive maintenance.

“This Presidential Plane came out expensive and fulfills your purpose. From January 2018, only in the care spent has $ 1.6 million more than the purchase value, noted Garcia in may, when it became known that the jet completed would be. The basis of the auction, the rate was at 350 thousand dollars: various requests from the outside, but no one paid the desired amount in the last few days, and it is not the most recently submitted bids.

The Presidential Plane the Uruguaywith a capacity for eight passengers, was presented as a multi-purpose aircraft, the flights of an emergency. be able to perform However, according to Javier García, performed 135 flights, only 14 were in this order.

The presidential airplane from Mexico for sale

In the Presidential Plane Mexico received a purchase offer of $ 120 million, and medical care; the craft is sold by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, came to the presidency, as it is a purchase of expensive and unnecessary. The money collected after the sale will be destined to the purchase of hospital consumables.

The government of Mexico, and even organized a “raffle” by the National Lottery through the amount of the price of the expensive presidential plane, which was used in the past administration. The money collected through this mechanism is the health sector.

With information from AFP.



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