All the time that Kim Kardashian supported Kanye West stupid


A United front is what you create Kim Kardashian and Kanye Westsurprisingly, yesterday the whole planet with its decision –view, seriously– with yourself the candidate for President of the United States. In (hypothetically) the future first lady was married to a musician in 2014, although they have been friends since 2006, and share, in addition to four children, shared a vision to the numerous disputes in which he saw wrapped.

TV star supports the West “in the face of the world for her” when they began to leave, after the scandal that led to his “sex tape,” but he didn’t listen to what they are against their relationship and so, Who says that “will always love and gratitude for sticking up, and put it on me.”

 Kim and Kanye, in love. (Getty)
Kim and Kanye, in love. (Getty)

And, of course, sometimes, to come to the aid lacked during these years. In 2016, the founder of the KKW Beauty gave face the father of my children, when they published a topic ‘Famous’, where he called a “bitch” in Taylor Swiftamong other subtleties. Kim Kardashian publicly defended her husband, making sure that Taylor –who he called “lying and manipulation”– gave the green light for the launch of this song, – a statement which later became questioned, and which not long ago was able to find out that wasn’t true, and that Taylor was right all this time.

Kim Kardashian was also based on social networks with the goal of clarification of all disputed records of politicians and her husband, who had also publicly endorsed Donald Trump sometimes. “Look, I always say: it will Take about four years to write a song to tell that he wants to say,” he insisted in 2018. “So when he tuitea something in two seconds that’s what happens in the mind, what he thinks, and what I’m trying to say maybe not the best Communicator, but he has a good heart and I know that you want to say.”

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In January 2019, Kim turned to Twitter to defend the West after he made some controversial comments during one of his Sunday services, who noticed how he encourages people to listen to music R. Kelly and Michael Jackson despite claims that they both suffered from sexual abuse.

“I’m going to cut off the root, now the same thing,” Kardashian wrote. “Kanye said from my own experience. The analogy consisted in the context of their own experience, not protecting anyone. I want to make it clear he didn’t approve of the actions of no and unacceptable behavior. The words of my husband, now taken out of context“.

Another time, after criticisms that he has received a number of strange tweets, Who contraatacó. “The media, trying to demonize my husband, let me tell you this: your feedback on strange behavior of Kanye and their tweets-it’s really scary. Was this wanted to make sure that you have a mental health problem, for, be yourself. Librepensador is that it’s not allowed in America? It’s not fair”.

And no more network problems. Once invited Donald trump his “brother” and to say that we were both “energy dragon” total Kardashian tried to explain his comments, even given that they have political views different. “When he was talking about trump… the majority of people (including me) have feelings, and opinions are very different about him. But that’s THEIR opinion,” he said to solve the problem.