América Móvil, Bimbo and Cemex, the Mexican company with the best reputation in Latin America


In a world of Latin-American multinational companies, in which participating Mexican companies, large groups of Mexican origin with foreign capital and enterprises with capital 100% foreign-owned and involved in the various sectors of the Mexican market, Grupo Bimbo, América Móvil and Cemex in the top 10 of the ranking of the sector of the study, The 100 companies with the best reputation in Latin America to 2019, submitted by the Monitor Empresarial de reputación Corporativa (Merco).

It is worth noting that Merco has divided its analysis into a General ranking of companies and other areas, with the analysis of the 100 companies with the best reputation logs to the multinational company Nestlé, Coca-Cola and Toyota as the leader of the 100 companies, as well as the top 10 in this segment, the 10,000, 9,754 and 8,710 points, respectively. In the meantime, the Bayer pharmaceutical position 10 is occupied with 7,153 points.

Also, multi-national companies and big business examines the signature-the number of 100-ranking with the best reputation earned 3,000 points.

The ranking of the company, Merco records to Grupo Bimbo, the third place, after Nestlé first place, and Danone in the second sector. However, in the ranking for businesses, this multi-national Mexican bakery has 4,361 points rose to number 73 to 45, compared to the previous year.

In telecommunications, the multinational Mexican América Móvil, one of the leading companies in the integrated telecommunication services in Latin America, ranked at number 28 out of 100 with 5,213 points. The second place list of the companies in this industry, only after, the Spanish Telefónica.occupied in the ranking

In the heading of the cement industry, Cemex leads the standings by sector, while in the Rankings of companies 56 with 3,710 points.

In the processing of 2019 ranking of the reputation, Merco companies from Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Uruguay are included.

The analysis developed by this company that specialized in Monitor business, the Corporate Reputation is an instrument of assessment, reputational, based on a methodology for different target groups, consisting of six examinations, and twenty-five sources of information and the repeal of the 205,965 surveys.

In this fifth edition, companies such as Mapfre, Netflix, Santander, Google, Mercado Libre, Adidas, and Latin America, leader, positioned as a market in your industry.