application: as Megan Thee Stallion shot after the holidays, Kylie Jenner?


In rapper Megan Thee Stallion, the author of the success of the “Savage” – has assured on Wednesday that he had received a bullet in the leg during a shootout in the Hollywood hills (Hollywood Hills) after a visit to a party organized Kylie Jenner.

The singer, whose remix “savage” along with Beyonce’s songs, heard year, – have explained in their social networks that “he was wounded the bullet”when a crime is committed against her and which is still in the recovery process.

However, as pointed out by the magazine Los Angeles Timesto register with the Police in Los Angeles, remembers that the artist is out of reach of the shots, nor that he condemned.

It seems that the agents made Thee Stallion out of the vehicle to arrest his passenger, the rapper Tory Lanez, the presence of concealed weapons, which is prohibited by California law. A video filtering via TMZ shows the rapper after the release of the vehicle dripping with the blood dripping from her legs.

“On Sunday morning, I have a gunshot wound when a crime is committed against me, and with the intention dañarme physically. Never arrested by the police, I was taken to the hospital, where I removed to take out the bullet. I am very grateful for a further viva”wrote Thee Stallion in social networks.

The singer has not been determined, of course, the attacker did not specify the conflict, which began in prison. Earlier, Thee Stallion and Lanez shared a video in which appear with Kylie Jenner, which was recorded during the festival, which was organized last and hears someone asked me to download the music because the police came.

Thee Stallion is one of raperas revelation this year, with “Savage”, the song became a viral topic, thanks to the choreography imitated by thousands of users of the social network Tik Tok and drew the attention of Beyonce, to record a “Remix”.


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