As the music Taylor swift has helped Lupita Nyong o


The winner of the “Oscar” for Lupita Nyong o I said in recent statements about how Taylor Swift he helped her through the difficult times during video recording Little Monsterswhere Lupita sings a song “Shake it Off”.

During the screening of the film Little Monsters, Lupita Nyong o he admitted that he went through hard times professionally. “I was abroad and my best friend came to have a good time. Put [la canción] “Shake it Off” on your phone and we had a ball in my room”says Lupita.

The actress continued to say how much it meant to her that song Taylor Swift in the movie, as they found out that the production has difficulty to get right, write directly to Taylor swift to ask his personal permission to use “Shake it Off” in Little Monsters.

Taylor Swift he agreed that the production of the film, to use it hit “Shake it Off” after reading the story Lupita Nyong o and was going through a difficult time, for the fact that Taylor agreed, helps in Lupita shake her problems off. YAAAAS!