“Blessed courage,’ says López Obrador intellectual


Photo: Taken from Twitter @lopezobrador_


President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador answered by a letter to the group of intellectuals, who proposed to create a block against Brown in the election of 2021.

I celebrate the fact that writers and journalists who have defended themselves are grouped since the neo-liberal model or neoporfirista together, are identified in the simulation to restore the old regime, who wrote the anti-democracia, corruption, and inequality”, the President of the Commission.

He noted that the story teaches us that if you produced in practice, a process of transformation, always a conservative reaction.

So it is absolutely legitimate, that it will bring an opposition against the government, which I represent, and the actions that we are, it to a conclusion.

Perhaps the only thing that reprocharse so famous characters is their lack of honesty, intellectual and political, expressed in the same content of his preaching. It would be sufficient to ask: how, you have contributed to “the progress of the democratic… from an authoritarian system and a democracy’, when almost all of them defended, or to be silent, complicit in the electoral fraud in the recent history of the country?”, in question.

On the other hand, he emphasized the value for the other argument that is seeking to build an Alliance with a view to the elections of 2021, you will get the majority, and to ensure that the chamber of deputies resumed its role as a counterweight to a constitutional Executive power”.

What was not aware that it is about the extradition from Spain, Emilio Lozoya, the former Director of Pemex, the allegedly submit evidence and explain how you achieved the “counter-weight” the goal, “again,” the abajofirmantes?”, he asked.

The Governor ended the letter stating that in the year 2021, the people will decide on their fate.

And really, I don’t believe that the majority supports the return to the country of corruption, the rulers, the organic intellectual, the privileges, the hypocrisy, the social exclusion, the class thinking and racism.

There is No doubt that we are living in interesting times. Either by interest or by sheer courage, the conservatives pretending to be liberals will finally remove the mask,” he concluded.

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