César Duarte is the next hearing on may 24. July – News-Broadcast


The Federal judge Lauren F. Louis, scheduled for next July 24 the hearing, which address the order of the bail of the former Governor Chihuahua, César Duarte, arrested on 8. July in Miami and requested, Delivery of the government of Mexico.

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Before that day, the defense, consisting of the lawyers, Armando Rosquete Bell and Henry Philip Bell, according to the records of the court-which Efe had access, you must file a motion requesting Deposit of Duarte.

César Duarte, 57 years old, remains in the Federal Detention Center of Miami, in the middle of the town of Florida, according to the database of the Federal Bureau of prisons.

In the audience on Friday next week, is on the video due to the pandemic of COVID-19, Duarte will appear a second time, before judge Louis, the Southern district of Florida.

Last Friday, Louis has read him the charges before the request for extradition from his own country: “is aggravated embezzlement, and conspiracy aggravated”.

During the first appointment, the lawyers asked for time to assess, prepare applications, the first of them, who seeks bail Duarte, the accused is in Mexico, the diversion of money and elections offences.

The defense stressed that I needed to gather the information and speak with the lawyers of the Ex-Governor in Mexico.

“Duarte, with the support of the officials of his administration, and the other (people), misappropriated money of the state for their own advantage and that of their partners,” explains the demand in the United States.

Exactly, the 8. October 2019, the judge María Alejandra Ramos Durán, in Chihuahua, had a warrant of arrest against the former Governor.

Mexican authorities irregularities are discovered “significant” in the programs of scholarships and loans to animal breeders, and in a purported purchase of real estate for the state.

According to the complaint, at least from June 2011 to November 2014, Chihuahua transferred more than $ 6.4 million to two companies, in which the “Duarte was the majority shareholder”.

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