CMB-champion appoints, the little boy rescued his sister from a dog


The figure of an older brother is usually with protection, and no one has played better than Bridger Walkera child of six years with a residence in Wyoming, USA.

A few days ago, Bridger he avoided his younger sister was attacked by a dog, an act that ended with serious injuries to his own body, but with the small safe.

The story that his aunt, Nicole Walker, is to get viral by the courage of the infant is reinforced with a photo of the stitches shows in his face— and reached the ears of the World Boxing Council, which was not long in recognition of him.

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The institution, under the presidency of Mauricio Sulaiman wrote: “We are honored to name Bridger Walker, of only six years, Champion Emeritus of the World Boxing Council for their brave actions, as the best values of the humanity. Bridger, you are a hero”.

According to ESPN (the TV channel that was a replica of the championship belt sent to the young hero, beginning already at home, you your recovery.