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MEXICO. Angelique Boyer never ceases to prove, because everything that intiman with her believe that women are more than positive. The fact that this famous, making each of the hidden phrases and thoughts that he shares with his fans during the pandemic. The stars in “soap Opera” like Teresa, Abyss of passion, What a life I stole and Three times Anna, Boyer, Sebastian Rulli, the couple must be treated as a woman, wonderful.

This is due to the fact that Angelique Boyer never shows pessimistic or afraid of the tests, which were to meet. That applies even in this pandemic which has already claimed thousands of lives and hundreds of thousands of people. Moreover, this quality is to always see something positive in every situation brought to him that her current partner, model and actor Sebastian Rulliin halague to say that in the old days, that is the quality I most admire in him because it changed his perception of the world.

Forehead and not looking back

It’s good vibrates what is needed, Angelique Boyer also appreciate all my colleagues, as in days past, when she’s 31, and you’ll have festejarla with a beautiful cake and a surprise party. This happens largely that she is a woman who faces life without complaints and in a big way. In addition, all of his comrades, his last project on television, in Empire of liessuited to each other, saying that they always remember that make him smile.

For Angelique Boyer this case means, as she shared on Twitter that the future is a little hard “no one can be acobardar, [pues] we are all born brave, because to breathe to risk it.” With EUL, it respectada and the young actress confirms that even in the midst of a pandemic, this phrase is taken from a song Ul. 13very suitable with his thoughts. Every time she thinks to look forward to watch and take the risk that it means.

Exactly, now, to breathe is to risk, Angelique Boyer faced with this problem, working in his new telenovela Empire of lies. Therefore, when it becomes clear that, despite the fact that additional risk because of this new coronavirus is inevitable that we must continue our lives. It is obvious that we must do in accordance with the recommendations of the proposed sanitary Recalling that even before the pandemic arriesgábamos life, but it superábamos because, as we fear is an essential value as well.