Jeffree star is resurrected after drama Tati Westbrook for a photo shoot with Blac Chyna


It took more than a week until Tati Westbrook posted a video on YouTube, saying that Shane Dawson Jeffree Star and it was cultivated and coaccionaron publish movie “While ” Sister” Oh, James Charles in 2019.

While Shane Instagram jumped in the air, and is blaming thieves to be keyboard, Jeffree Star has been very quiet in all your social networks.

In fact, his last post to Instagram was on June 26, featuring on a private plane with the foot photo that she was at the party, grandma for his 103 birthday. Although it should be noted that the commentators on YouTube, d’angelo Wallace said that in fact it was an old image that Jeffree first published on Twitter six months ago.

Jackie Aina of protest against morphine on Jeffree Star

In any case, there was no daily updates Jeffree, where it all drama, he came back and now he broke the silence to spend time with her seemingly new best friend, Blac Chyna.

If seemingly two friends now enough to Blac Chyna to post a series of photos, a couple of times in his Instagram with the caption, “the Foreigner got in the six figures there.”

I’m not entirely sure what that means, but honestly, it’s important for me to know, huh?

Grabbing his bags Hermes Birkin in the game and posing in a car rose custom Jeffree, you might think that Jeff has no worries in the world.

Let’s see if this friendship lasts the test of time…

For: Cosmopolitan UK