Mark Ruffalo and other celebrities joined to honor of the little “super heroes” that saved his sister from a dog


Bridger (photo: Instagram@nicolenoelwalker)
Bridger (photo: [email protected])

To be a hero, regardless of age; the small proves Bridger is 6 years old, rescued her younger sister from the attack of a dog. Now, the boy was praised for “the Hulk” and some other celebrities.

The Aunt of the children, Nicole Walker, opened an account in Instagram specifically, is known to make, and the inspiring story of the little and now one of the publications from three days ago, has more than 799.000 “I like it”.

“On 9. July, my nephew is six years, Bridger, saved the life of his little sister, would attack between her and a dog. After bitten, several times in the face and head, took the hand of his sister and ran with her to protect you. Later, he said: “If someone had to die, I thought, that I should be’,” began Walker, with his history.

Bridger, received about 90 stitches (photo: Instagram@nicolenoelwalker)
Bridger, received about 90 stitches (photo: [email protected])

According to Walker, Bridger was very brave and although his face had numerous stitches to be exposed tonow the child is at home, recovering, and with a very positive attitude.

“Following the receipt of 90 stitches (more or less) by a competent plastic surgeon, finally some peace and quiet in your house […] I just made a visit to Bridger in his house. “Your wounds look much better! It is very good humor and awesome personality is intact. Still can’t smile too much, but I smiled while I read some of your comments,” said Walker.

Apparently, empathy is a value that is less Bridger inherited from his family, as Walker made clear that the parents have no resentment against the dog’s owner. After the incident, were in the last years very friendly to the family of the children and the affection between the two groups grew.

The owners of the kennel have supported the child's family (photo: Instagram@nicolenoelwalker)
The owners of the kennel have supported the child’s family (photo: [email protected])

In the pictures you pointed out, but also that the purpose was to see that the favorite super heroes of Bridger, his history, and you can spend a message.

“Please, please, please you have the story of my nephew, the most exposure possible. We know that our little hero, I would be a hero some words of encouragement from your favorite. […] I know this is a remote possibility, but I’m always in the vicinity of the Avengers and other heroes, so that you can learn to use this latest addition to their ranks,” he explained and labeled as celebrities such as Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and more.

Although the news took a few days to be noticed by the super hero, Mark Ruffalo, recently, that one of the posted pictures and described his admiration for the little hero.

Bridger is located in a very good mood (photo: Instagram@nicolenoelwalker)
Bridger is located in a very good mood (photo: [email protected])

“The people who come before the beings, the healthy of the other people, the most heroic and thoughtful, that I know of. Really rI spit, and I admire your courage and your heart. True courage is not to rule the people or fight against them or you walk like a tough guy. The true courage is to know, to do what is right, and do it well, when you finish lastimándote can in any way”commented on and dismissed as a “Hulk”.

In addition to this, Walker photo shared by Bridger in recovery with a panel of “Spider-Man” and he said that the child was very happy, because he had a call from an “idol friendly neighborhood” (probably referring to Tom Holland). And he said that later, I hoped the message that “someone who doesn’t like bullies” (probably Chris Evans talking about) was sent to him.


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