Off Side: Catalina Chrissy Teigen you decide to remove more than 60 thousand tweets after it be connected


The Catalina model Chrissy Teigen expressed her discomfort to be associated in a scandal Jeffrey Epstein. So I decided to remove more than 60 thousand tweets about the welfare of his family.

In the same USA stars, who made it clear why he took such an extent in social networks. “At the present time I have removed 60,000 tweets, because I can’t keep idiots and I’m worried for my family. Since we are talking about young children, and tiara in 2013, and thinking that you’re kind of damned system,” he said.

In addition, he said that he had received additional measures to ensure that your children see messages they leave. “Today I blocked more than a million people, a MILLION people today, and I’m still flooded psychopaths, patients. So, please forgive me “one ignóralos, only trolls'” he said.

Case “reference” models would be if using Malcolm Maxwellthat was associated with Epstein. Is that his name is listed in the course registration private plane of a millionaire died in 2019.

However, Teigen this is not the only song that was put on this supposed relationship. Actor Tom Hanks he was also accused of social networks, supposedly to take the plane Epstein to go to your island in the Caribbean sea. It should be noted that Teigen was not accused directly before a court.


Magali Medina was protected from criticism

Magali Medina was defended criticism (Magali TV /ATV)