Rosalia installed on the motorcycle and take TikTok | Big bang


It is obvious that in Rosalia there is no script, which he confronts in the field of music, but probably not in terms of social networking. After he won the Instagram or to be the cause in many cases, the true revolution on Twitter your messages and questions, now it’s TikTok platforms where the interpreter Wrong not to grow by leaps and bounds.

After surprising some clips the more original, like their modeling Belen Esteban with which he could become viral, with the applause choreography is one of their latest hits, music and even heavy video, which shows how using PCR test for detection of coronavirus, now Rosalia showed his version is more water in the summer TikTok.

The singer, who seems to be enjoying the high of the year increased on the bike and showed their talents in the world of water sports, sailing in the waters of Miami. So, proving that the sport, entertainment and security do not have differences in style and combining the vest with one of their iconic nail Polish, this time in red the color of passion. I’m in pure style The Malibu!

The most sensuous videos that Rosalia won more than a million viewers, but that contrasts directly from the following publication, is far more homely and elegant leaves aside to appear as natural as usual. And that, after your walk on water scooters, Rosalia decided to climb to TikTok video of his last visit to the dentistwell, I do! The video, which is also a place for learning odontóloga and that it is possible that the singer to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the health of the oral cavity.

For their songs or not Rosalia you give a lot to talk about. To go no farther, his last collaboration with sports brand Nike he left them without a word, the whole world thanks to a few photos that the singer shared on his Instagram. Not to mention his relationship with the sisters Kardashianthat is becoming more holistic, so you get to share compliments on the Internet: Kylie Jenner.

Ultimately, Rosalia turns into gold it touches, and now TikTok who fell, surrendered at your feet.