Russia.- Hundreds of people protest in Moscow against the constitutional amendments approved in a referendum in Russia



Hundreds of people on Wednesday in the Russian capital, Moscow, to protest against the constitutional changes recently approved in a referendum, and call for their repeal.

Around 300 protesters were concentrated in the Pushkin square in Moscow, chanting slogans such as “Russia will be free’, ‘Putin is a thief” and “Down with the Tsar”, as reported by the portal opponent Meduza, who added that a further 200 people participated in a protest similar to the one in St. Petersburg.

According to the election Commission in Russia, the 77,92% of the voters, the constitutional changes, which include the supported as a Central measure, so that Putin will have to opt-in to his back increased choice in the year 2024, while the 21,28 percent voted against it.

The amendments to the Magna Carta, you give to the new requirements that must be met by the Chairman, the members of the government and the Parliament, and the fees, the sovereignty and national security, in the manufacture of social guarantees of the state to the citizens.

In addition, these changes are modified, the functions of the Executive and the legislature, prohibit the secession of the territories of the Russian Federation and the strengthening of the status of the Russian language, among other aspects.

In addition, limited to a maximum of two presidential terms of six years, that the same person may occupy, but which it does not apply “to the person who exercises or exercised, the office of the President of Russia at the time of entry into force” of the changes, i.e., Putin and Dimitri Medvedev, who served as Russian head of state between 2008-2012.

The referendum was the first April planned 22, but the authorities were forced to suspend, for the pandemic of the new coronavirus.