Slippers that are equally good in a dress with a ‘boxer’ jeans | news


Having spent quarantined in a mansion in Los Angeles together with other friends Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne’s friendship that we need. And that their relationship was such that not only consist of the same social circles, leisure, photography or projects work (in may last year worked together in a video file for one of the singer Rainsford, Crying in the Mirror another daughter, Cindy Crawford, the heroine of the sequence, and the British for you), but also the stunts in style. And now, after some time apart, girls began to gather together to participate together with the expression what, in addition, boasts a mane of blonde, made it clear that that Slippers the shoes goes well with all clothes, wardrobe / closet summer but not every model, but the design is more classic, and I am sure that I have in the house: white, smooth and lace.