That’s funny! Hassam shows your website more “dark” in Colombia


COLOMBIA.- Ride on car, spongebob and Patrick as reguetonero J Balvin ongoing promotion of videos on the topic of ‘Water’, held in cooperation with the producer Tainy music for the film “spongebob: Salvation”, which will premiere next month in August on a digital platform, and already awaited by the fans of the singer, which also houses the underground Parking.

“It’s a party, under water, look at your umbrella we dance, like a fish in water, ernst & young, as a fish in water, water. There is neither night nor day. Here the festival keep it alight, singing Balvin see in the promo video in the topic, while riding in a boat in the way of ‘Bikini bottom’, accompanied by a few funny spongebob and his friend Patrick star, a sea, in the back seat.

But at the end of the first verse of the song is the cycle of braking of the vehicle is significantly two iconic cartoon characters, created in the nineties for animator, cartoonist, biologist, Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon circuit start the air as long as strung on a spectacular announcement… and then to be cast” for Balvin, who is accelerated, when the two friends trying to get with him.

Thus ends the improvement that made Balvin video about how ‘Water’, which invited them over 42 million followers on Instagram and see more at bio, and at the same time, reached two million page views in this social network, and more than seven thousand comments, and among them are renowned music producer Tommy Mottola, wife of the famous Mexican singer Thalia.

As Balvin was nominated in 12 out of 28 in the category ” Award of the Youth, Univision, which will broadcast live in the following August 13, from Miami, Florida, and in the dispute: ‘Traffic Jam’, ‘The Sticky’, ‘Perfect combination’ (nominated three times), ” All…’, ‘#Pet Goals’, ‘Most Fashionable’, ‘Sneakerhead’, ‘Hair’, ‘Choreography Hot” and “Video News More Powerful”.