“We are together!” Sebastian Yatra and Danna Paola of mind of his fans with the big news


COLOMBIA. Singer Columbia Sebastian Yatra and by Mexican Danna Paola more and more times. With his latest flirt online, exchanged a few messages, your fans were shocked by the chemistry that is between them. And was then, in that it’s something special.

After tweet Danna Paola, in which she wrote: “I started dancing alone in the kitchen”, Yatra, he replied with great tenderness: “Not a dance one Dunn”. Started a rumor on Twitter that came Instagram, a social network, in which the singer shared in their stories, sensual Mexican film dance, my song, and he wrote the same phrase in the social network “bird”.

While Twitter was the tendency and became the Trending Topic. Rumors have been running for social networks in regards to these two, that every time the show together. “Do not dance alone, we do with you”, “we Want to see you soon”, “amazing”, were the responses from the students. Meanwhile, Danna Paola responded to the tweet Yatra, he wrote: “I’ll never dance alone”. Thus ended this conversation reveals to the fans that here-here will begin.

This is the message!

There was no late hours stir on Twitter, where the Colombian claimed, the crossover message with the Mexican, both of them gave a message that was not expected. So, social networks were divided into the official cover of his new single. Under the slogan “never dance alone”, comes this song, romantic, insurance, love will fill their fans. Here you can listen to pre-save.

Rumors are growing among the supporters, at a time when a large number of artists and congratulations to Sebastian for cooperation with Dunn. “Sebasssss I die. I like it, waooooooooo great couple,” wrote the Diva Jessurum; “What emotions, comes a great song”, “Safe will be a big hit” and “It will be a hit, always there, always with you”, it was one of nearly 20 thousand comments, publications of the singer.