You’re adorable! Anahí shows his more tender side as a mother


United States.- Singer Beyonce spent a few controversial news on Wednesday, July 15, in the local press, together with her husband, Jay And. A lot of noise on her bed increased, and it wasn’t any way to stop him, but he took the first flat of Newspapers. There in 2005, Beck put Check On It from Slim Thug, and from that time the couple wants to take matters into their own hands, to avoid complications or the relationship is problematic.

At a time when the rapper 47 years old, never married, with QueenB, admitted to apply to be jealous if the person you are looking. In fact, when he learned that cooperation music the wife Thung did something, he dared, because he was the one scene where she was dancing with a chair and a dress with a collar. Although diva has always been impeccable behavior, Jay Z, who acted quickly.

In an interview with international media, another singer close to the couple, Bernard Freeman, said, “once someone came up to us and sent back in our wardrobes. We have made it clear that we should stay there as long until our turn. Did not allow us to observe the dance to Beyonce”.

Beyonce To Take Care Of

At this time, Ben continues to reveal to the press about diva añpos 38: “Queenie McKenzie (queenie, my wife, was there too, so it’s not as if drool for another woman, ( … ) said to Us: “Sorry I had to leave the room, but Jay didn’t feel comfortable’. We explained to him that nothing is happening, that it is understood and alegrábamos a lot to be there.”


Was Antonina L Stinesfounder and choreographer, company, dance L Acadcowhose task was to make another claim to the performers. Thus, I was born in Jamaica, she noted that marriage “violated the copyright of the song from the album Everything is Love “appeared as a whole in 2018”. This, then, in Effect, the single Black and the stars used some of their phrases to create this song.



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