Can I read my boyfriend’s mobile phone text message?


Dating is essential since you want that person to become a parent for your kids. However, sometimes you may realize something is wrong in the relationship. Your boyfriend may change and start behaving weirdly. Perhaps most of the time he spends on the phone or he comes late in the night. This behaviour will raise alarm and you will suspect he is cheating. Nonetheless, you will be confused because you do not have evidence. Fortunately, this article will teach you how to read the text message on your boyfriend’s phone.


Do you know you can use the JJSPY app to read your boyfriend’s texts without their knowledge? This app dominates when it comes to spying. After purchasing JJSPY, your information is kept private. Also, it is known for its fast-tracking abilities, unlike other spying tools. This application is simple to use and does not need jailbreak. You also do not need rooting.

JJSPY developers ensured that the tool is friendly to all users. After you log in to the account, you will read instructions. This tool has various features for different work. It is the most effective spying app you can use.  You will view messages immediately after the notification tone on your boyfriend’s device. You will not touch the phone to access messages.

JJSPY setup 

JJSPY app requires good internet on computer or mobile phone for setup. Here are the steps to follow:

Purchase the software

The first step of every application is to purchase it from a legit website. Make sure the site belongs to JJSPY and not scammers who want to get money from you. This application must be installed on the device. Henceforth, you should not believe sellers who claim that it is not a must. This is because they can be scammers. Moreover, check if the price meets your budget. You will find the price to be affordable when you compare to other tracking apps. JJSPY is a low priced product with unique features.


It is easy to install just like installing other apps. You will receive installation instructions through email after you buy the software. Read the instructions as you install to make it easy.

Begin reading messages

After completing the installation process successfully, start reading the messages. Log in the account and see conversations.

 How to read boyfriends mobile text message with JJSPY on android

  1. Log in to the JJSPY account with your android phone.
  2. You will be directed to a dashboard or a control panel immediately after you log.
  3. Here you will see several features, check the left menu to see the text message.
  4. Click the text message; you will see all messages with dates.
  5. Click to read conversations.

How to read the message with JJSPY ON iOS devices

  1. Login the JJSPY account, you will see a dashboard. It will display details such as charge level, location, and other activities.
  2. Check the left menu, you will several options.
  3. Select the text message menu and you will see the full conversation.
  4. Repeat the steps if you want to see WhatsApp texts.

Other unique features of JJSPY

Live microphone- this great feature that allows you to hear your boyfriend’s conversation with other people. You can turn on at any time you feel like listening.

Live cameras- this unique feature enables you to live watch activities. This is just enough evidence because you will watch it with your eyes.

Live screen- you can view what your lover is doing on the screen, Stream live to see ongoing videos and texts.

What you should do after you catch the lying boyfriend

Let us imagine your boyfriend is sex chatting and sharing intimate pictures with other girls. Here are the things you should put into consideration:


It is time to confront your boyfriend after you have gathered complete evidence. Calm down first then confront him when you are calm. Do not do it while you are mad because it is dangerous. It can lead to a fight and someone will end up hurt. On top of that, social media reports suicide cases of lovers every year. Therefore, you should be emotionally prepared on how to deal with such issues before you get JJSPY. This app is designed for legal issues hence it will not be responsible for any effects.

Do you want to forgive him?

If you think your boyfriend will change then go ahead and forgive him.  On the contrary, you can decide not to forgive him. The decision is yours.

Move on

Cheating should not affect you psychologically. You deserve better and there are lots of people who want to date you. Decide if you will move on or not.

Final thoughts

It is not easy to catch a cheating boyfriend. Cheaters are smart and they know how to hide and manipulate your mind. For this reason, you will have stress and even lack sleep.  There are many cases of people attempting suicide or killing their partners because of cheating. You should learn how to solve a situation and talk to a psychologist about your nightmares. After you catch your boyfriend, do not overact.  Remember your life is more important than anything. In addition to that, you are not alone seeing that many people are in the same situation.



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