Over 140 Thousand Deaths, Almost 4 Million Infections



Record deaths from Coronavirus in the US, with the figure now exceeding 140,000 units. The health crisis continues in the powerful US country.

The fight against Coronavirus has not ended especially in the United States , the country most affected by the pandemic. In fact, at the beginning of the crisis, President Donald Trump had predicted 100 thousand deaths caused by the disease and instead to date, the prospect of the tycoon has been largely overcome, another failure for the republican government.

Also due to the little restrictive rules, the country has fallen prey to an endless crisis. In fact, there are several states in which outbreaks have occurred, such as Texas , Florida and Tennessee . Furthermore, President Trump, despite the continuous increase in new infections, did not want to impose the use of the mask. This decision has facilitated the spread of the virus, with the US now only waiting for the vaccine to end this catastrophic situation.

According to data from John Hopkins University , in the United States today there are 3,814,463 total cases of infection , including 41,203 recorded only in the last 24 hours . What is most worrying, however, is the death toll. In fact, to date, 140,855 have died from Coronavirus . Despite worrying data, Trump continues to follow his line despite the advice of expert virologists.

Coronavirus, not only the USA: critical situation also in Latin America

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The epidemic is spreading also in Latin America (Getty Images)

But the health emergency from Coronavirus is not only high in the US, but also in Latin America . In fact, there are several countries affected by the virus and which are struggling to contain the infection. Among these the most affected are Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia .

Let’s start from the Brazilian country, which in recent weeks has also seen its president, Jair Bolsonaro , being infected by Covid-19 . In Brazil, in fact, the situation is increasingly critical. In the last few hours, in fact, 80,000 deaths from Coronavirus have been exceeded , with the country recording 20,000 new cases per day. Currently the country has passed 2 million total cases , making it the second most affected nation in the world.

Mexico is also among the most affected Latin American countries . In fact, the country has almost reached 350,000 total cases ( 349,396 ), with 301 new deaths in the last 24 hours. At the moment the total death toll is 39,485 , with the government affirming that the situation is critical. In fact, Mexican heads of state said that at the moment the positives are more than those counted by the Ministry of Health bulletin.

So also South America tries to recover from the health crisis, which at the moment does not seem to have passed even the first wave. We will see if in the coming days the situation will worsen or remain stable.