Positive Hairdresser at COVID-19! Here Is What Was Discovered Among Customers

Two Coronavirus positive hairdressers did not infect any clients. That’s why The USA are fighting against the spread of the coronavirus , but nevertheless the epidemic seems out of control. However, the news arrives from the United States that some hairdressers, tested positive for COVID-19, have not incredibly infected ANY ELEMENT OF THEIR CUSTOMERS
Let’s try to understand what has prevented and, indeed, practically canceled the infection.As reported by the newspaper Il Messaggero in its online edition, two hairdressers in the US state of Missouri , around the middle of May , showed the symptoms of coronavirus , but despite this they continued to work undeterred, for about a week, attributing the symptoms to a common allergic reaction.
Once the outcome of the swab had been obtained, the 139 customers who had been in contact with the two women and who had received permanent haircuts, treatments that can last from 15 to 45 minutes, with close contact, were naturally traced. between operator and customer.
Well, none of the customers contacted had symptoms in the next 14 days, and the 67 who accepted a swab were negative .

But how was this possible?
The customers said that the two hairdressers wore MASKS, surgical or in fabric, as well as almost everyone present inside the salon .

Experts from the National Center for the Control of Infectious Diseases said: “Proper and correct use of face protection devices is an important tool to minimize the spread of the Sars-Cov-2 virus by presymptomatic, asymptomatic or symptomatic people” .