USA, COVID-19 Infected Number Exceeds 13 Times the Data Released


New York, July 21 (askanews) – The Center for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases says, in a report released today, that the number of infected people in some areas of the United States “far exceeds the number of reported cases”. The number of infected moves in an average that goes from two to 13 times greater than the diffused data.

The results suggest that a large number of people who did not have symptoms or who did not cure themselves spread the virus to their communities. The results also indicate that in large areas of the country, the virus has touched only a small part of the population. In Utah, for example, just over 1% of people had been exposed to the virus since early June. The rate was 2.2% for Minneapolis-St. Paul, 3.6 percent for the Philadelphia metropolitan region. In New York City, 23.3 percent of people researched had developed antibodies since May 6. The researchers analyzed samples of people who had performed routine clinical tests or were hospitalized in 10 cities and US states.