Will Smith, Watch the Computer! the Actor Is Doing Badly in a Video on Tiktok


Poor Will Smith : the ex-Prince of Bel-Air turns evidently everything goes wrong during this period, even when the challenge he is trying to do is simply to help someone carry a fairly heavy package.

Do not worry, however: this time there is no talk of real life and (hopefully, at least!) The ending of this misadventure had already been calculated and desired by the actor himself. The incident we are talking about is in fact laughable and was posted by Will Smith himself on the well-known social TikTok .

In the video we see the actor of Io Sono Leggenda rather confident in the act of inviting a boy to throw him without too scruples the heavy box of a PC: ” Do not worry, we have people for this ” tries to protest the interlocutor Smith, but the actor insists he can take the box without problems

So it would probably have gone if poor Will hadn’t given up just when the boy got convinced to launch his pc! The video then stops just in the moment before the impact of the pack with the neck of the unsuspecting Will Smith, while in the background the iconic The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens starts.

It is certainly a good thing, however, that in such a moment the actor finds the strength to laugh and make people laugh: as you will all remember, recently Will Smith discovered the betrayal of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith .