Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid Admits: “on the Set of Parent Trap I Thought They Were Twins”


Dennis Quaid admitted that he was so impressed by the talent of the very young Lindsay Lohan on the set of Parents trapped so much that he was convinced he was working with two twin sisters.

During a virtual reunion of the cast of Trapped Parents , Dennis Quaid admitted that he had been duped by Lindsay Lohan’s talent enough to be convinced he was working with twins .

Lindsay Lohan in a Scary Movie 5 scene

Lindsay Lohan in a Scary Movie 5 scene

Trapped Parents, 1998 family film, marks the film debut of Lindsay Lohan who in the film plays two twins separated at birth, one has a heavy Californian accent and the other is an elegant girl raised in London. The work on the accent made by Lohan, then 12 years old, even fooled Dennis Quaid who at first was really convinced he was working with twins:

“The first thing I remember was meeting Lindsay at a kind of screen test. I remember thinking This is one of the most talented people I have ever met. I forgot the fact that he was 11 years old, then I thought that it was two sisters because their accents were so perfect. “

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Lindsay Lohan, spoken by her colleague’s admission, remembers feeling “so lucky” to have got the part that marked her debut in the cinema: “Without this film I wouldn’t have been an actress. But how can you not want to act for the rest of your life after making a movie like this? It’s special and timeless. And then it helped me overcome the trauma of my parents’ separation, it made my interpretation much easier because I knew what was going on in my head of the characters”.



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