Natalie Portman Founds a Women’s Soccer Team. There Is Also Williams


The National Women’s Soccer League has announced that it will have a new team in Los Angeles in 2022. It will be called Angel City Fc and will be led by honorary president Natalie Portman. The sports and marketing operation, entrusted to the power of attraction of the actress and the financier Kara Nortman (technology sector), which involved the entrepreneur Julie Uhrman (media and video game), who will be the operating president of the consortium. The game also featured actresses Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Jennifer Gardner and Uzo Aduba. The first major investor has already been found: his name is Alexis Ohanian, he is co-founder of the social Reddit and husband of the champion of tennis Serena Williams. And among the owners here is Serena and even the 2-year-old daughter Olympia .

“It’s time for the girls to have heroines and models of reference even in the huge area of ​​Los Angeles – explains Natalie Portman -, football is an extraordinary team sport, which ensures socialization in the group. Nobody wins alone. The success of a player is the success of the team. The Los Angeles team will have a huge impact on our community. I went to see a match of the US national team before the 2019 World Cup and I fell in love with it. It was a revolution to hear my children ask me to wear the Rapinoe and Alex Morgan shirts. Becca Roux, executive director of the American Football Association, was with us and I started talking about business with her ».