Wild Wild West: Will Smith Gave up on the Matrix to Make This Film (And Regretted It)


Will Smith gave up the role of Neo in the Matrix, regretting it later, to play James “Jim” West in Wild Wild West, that’s why

Will Smith turned down the main role of Matrix to star in Wild Wild West , being a huge fan of the television series. The American superstar later confessed that this was the worst decision she made in her career and perhaps even in her life.

In a video, uploaded on his Youtube channel, Smith explained: “Ok, this is one of those stories that I’m not proud of at all but I can’t help it, it’s the truth: ‘Yes, I refused the role of Neo in Matrix ‘. It was a crazy period of my life, I always hit the center, every single time. “

The actor went on to declare: “I had shot Independence Day the year before and so I said to myself: ‘no, I don’t want to make another movie about aliens’. I even refused the main role of Men in Black but then I was convinced to shoot that Steven Spielberg movie was the director of The Shark after all, or am I wrong? “

“I’m not proud to have filmed Wild wild west, but Keanu was perfect for Matrix, if I had decided to play Neo the producers would have had to assign the role of Morpheus to Val Kilmer and who knows, maybe we would have ruined the film. So I did a favor to all of you saying no. ” Smith concluded.



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