Amber Heard: The Photo With Johnny Depp and Keith Richards Shows That He Lied, Lawyers Say


A photo of Amber Heard together with Johnny Depp, guitarist Keith Richards and the actress’s sister could be evidence of Depp’s innocence.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Kate Richards Foto

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard with guitarist Keith Richards

A photo of Amber Heard with Johnny Depp and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was brought as evidence in the proceedings where the two former spouses against each other as proof that Heard would have lied about what happened by Depp .

“Do you agree that there is no wound or bruise on her face in this photo?” Johnny Depp’s attorney asked Amber Heard during the actress’ testimony at the Royal Court of Justice in London.

The Aquaman star, who is portrayed smiling with her ex-husband, Keith Richards and sister, said she was attacked by the actor the night before the shot, which dates back to March 2013.

Amber Heard first replied that the wounds could not be seen from the photo, then added: “It seems my lip is slightly swollen.”

“Does this photo show you before or after being beaten by Mr. Depp?” asks the lawyer. To which Heard replies: “On what occasion? There were a lot of accidents in March.”

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