Are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Cousins? the Reaction to Fan Theory


The umpteenth twist in the long-standing feud, now transformed into friendship, between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift comes from a theory developed by their followers: according to some fans, the two pop stars who have waged war for years could be distant relatives.

According to the reconstructions of their respective family trees, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are distant cousins , specifically of ninth degree: a theory that Orlando Bloom’s partner commented during a recent interview with Capital FM, when the conductor put forward the hypothesis of a relationship between the two artists on the basis of reports received from the public.

Are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift cousins?

The pop star of Santa Barbara, future mother and about to release the new album of unreleased Smile , reacted with amazement and irony: “ Well, we fought as cousins! “The singer joked, remembering the long contrast between which they were protagonists.

While Katy Perry considered the relationship to be a kind of “fan fiction”, she was surprised that someone had actually documented both family stories with such expertise. And he could ask Swift to verify the theory: ” Wow, I’m going to have to ask her if it’s true, we should do blood tests together, ” said Perry, adding that the scene of both intent on ” spitting in a test tube ” would be a moment great entertainment.

La guerra tra Katy Perry e Taylor Swift

Daisies’ popstar’s reaction confirms how relaxed the relationship between the two artists is now: Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been in the fight for years, officially since in 2014 the Tennessee singer-songwriter accused the Californian popstar of having ” substantially attempted to sabotage an entire tour “, subtracting them from the dancers with contractual clauses. Since then, they have been played mostly through songs: at the fiery Bad Blood of Swift in 2014, Perry replied with Swish swish in 2017.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, the end of hostilities

Then peace came, first with an olive branch sent by Perry to her colleague on the eve of the Reputation World Tour, then with a home meeting over homemade cookies. Finally with a music video that definitively sanctioned the end of hostilities: in 2019 Katy Perry and Taylor Swift appeared together in the latter’s clip for the single You Need to Calm Down , disguised as hamburgers and chips.




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