Constantine: Keanu Reeves Was Supposed to Meet Jesus


In one of the ideas of the film (or a possible sequel), it was revealed that Keanu Reeves, in the role of detective Constantine, would have to meet Jesus Christ.

The celebrations for Constantine’s 15 years pushed the producer and Keanu Reeves himself to reveal a scene never shot in the 2005 film: the detective who meets Jesus . Could it be taken up in a possible sequel?

Live online, held for the Comic-Con @ Hom panel, Keanu Reeves chatted with producer Akiva Goldsman and director Francis Lawrence about Constantine to commemorate the film’s 15th anniversary. On this occasion, they discussed, among many things, the ideas that were launched to revive the saga of the detective who has the ability to communicate with angels and demons.

“We wanted to do … a hard rock sequel” – said Goldsman – “I think we will probably do it.”

One of the many ideas that emerged from co-writer Frank Cappello, involved a John Constantine who stood face to face with Jesus Christ.

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“The idea was that John would wake up in a cell. He had to identify the prisoner … and it was Jesus,” said Goldsman.

The reason why we still haven’t seen this possible scene in a sequel, is because: “the film was not a” box office success “” – said Goldsman – _ “We discussed the possibility of a sequel with various majors , including Warner Bros. “

In the film’s post-credit scene, Shia LaBeouf also appears, who left a window for possible future stories. Keanu Reeves, Goldsman and Lawrence are all ready to take Constantine back and reveal his secrets.