Constantine, Michelle Monaghan Was Cut From the Film With Keanu Reeves: Why?


A panel with protagonists Francis Lawrence and Keanu Reeves , respectively director and interpreter of the film adaptation of Constantine in 2005, which became a small genre cult over time, was held yesterday in the frame of Comic-Con at Home and for the occasion they spoke of different curiosities related to the film.

First of all, Francis Lawrence was a possibilist on a sequel, which according to his words “they would like to shoot everyone “, production and Keanu Reeves included, and in fact recently a rumor had leaked that he wanted Warner Bros. interested in a filming of the IP but to be transferred to HBO Max , the major’s streaming platform.

Among other things said about Constantine , Lawrence and Reeves also discussed the cut of the character played by Michelle Monaghan , who was also central to the narrative fabric of the transposition. In fact, the actress would have played the role of Ellie , half demon who would have engaged in a passionate relationship with John Constantine . In the end, however, it was decided to cut it, and Lawrence revealed:

We had good reasons to do it, especially concrete ones. Michelle Monaghan’s interpretation has absolutely nothing to do with the character’s cut: she is a fantastic actress and we really liked the work she had done. However, we decided that Constantine was better off alone, without a partner to lean on in any way, both emotionally and passionately .

Ellie was however based on a character from a Garth Ennis and Will Simpson comic . Known as Chantinelle , she was a damned succubus who managed to escape from Hell and get to know John.