Depp vs. Sun Trial, Amber Heard Allegedly Beat Her Sister


Rome, 25 July (askanews) – More twists and turns in Johnny Depp’s ongoing trial in London against the Sun who accuses him of being a whacker on the basis of the accusations addressed to the Pirate of the Caribbean star by the American actress Amber Heard, his ex wife. Between witnesses and statements are friends and enemies of Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard and after accusing the actor, this time it was the turn of Heard whose credibility falters.

Pressed by the lawyers of Depp, who has always denied having been violent despite the mood swings caused by the abuse of alcohol and drugs and indeed replied that he had been, if anything, physically attacked several times by Heard, the actress was forced to watch a compromising video.

In the video, pulled out of Depp’s defense, Heard – who so far in the beating and procedural response has admitted to having hit the ex-husband “only” once and only for “self-defense” – is nailed to the accusation of having beaten his own sister, Whitney Henriquez. That chatting with some friends in the movie tells in the first person that she was “beaten up” and looks at her chest to check for some bruises.

Called back to the witness stand, Whitney tried to deny, claiming that she had only slightly magnified what would have been a “verbal” dispute with her sister. But lawyers have highlighted the contradictions, assuming a concerted “lie” between sisters in the previous deposition to hide the image of Amber Heard as an alleged violent woman, rather than as a victim.



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