Greta Thunberg, Donation for the Cause of the Indians: This Is the Reason



When we talk about some prominent personalities in our world, we should not be surprised at all if they continue to make people talk about themselves in a philanthropic key . Often such an action can be misunderstood : the curriculum vitae of the previous ones certainly intervenes as evidence of the sincerity of a certain gesture .

Today we want to talk to you again about Greta Thunberg . The small Swedish activist, still a minor, is one of the strongest personalities in the environmental world and certainly among the most loved characters on a global scale for her activities. The peculiarity of his figure lies in being as young as determined and stubborn on the issues he takes to heart .

Important gesture

The miracle girl became ” famous ” because of its protests environmentalist , which over time have been so successful without previous . Especially the very young have found in her a figure to refer to . Precisely for this reason they made their voices heard in the events called ” Fridays For Future “.

But over time Greta is becoming a real ” VIP “, gaining the opportunity to express her opinions in the biggest conventions on the environmental and non- environmental theme . It receives a frightening number of awards every year, including the 2020 Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity .

In this case Thunberg has decided to donate the entire sum that it is up to the associations concerned to put in safety health of the populations Indians of ‘ Amazon . The Covid-19 crisis has exposed the most backward populations to incredible contagion risks . A million euros will certainly be useful for a valuable cause .