It Seems That in the Text of “Peace” There Is a Little Arrow Hidden in Kanye West


On Friday July 24  Taylor Swift  released his new unreleased album entitled  “Folklore” , the release of which had only been announced the day before.

Among the 16 songs that make up the project – with the likes of Aaron Dessner of The National, Bon Iver, William Bowery and Jack Antonoff collaborating – there is also  “Peace”, which seems to contain a hidden reference to the bitter TayTay’s enemy: Kanye West.

In the text of the song the phrase “But there’s robbers to the east, clowns to the West” appears , which in Italian sounds like “There are thieves in the east and clowns in the West”. Unlike east, West is capitalized, just like the name of the rapper. A case? Fans don’t really believe!

Among the easter eggs present in “Folklore” there is one that also concerns a famous couple of friends of Taylor Swift:  Blake Lively  and  Ryan Reynolds . The singer has revealed to the world the name of their third daughter, Betty, thus titling one of the songs on the album. Click here to find out more!



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