Jada Pinkett Has Cheated on Will Smith With Rapper August Alsina, He Talks About It in a Song



The betrayal confessed by Jada Pinkett to her husband Will Smith during the format created by the American actress on Facebook, Red Table Talk , has traveled around the world in a short time, the news has bounced almost everywhere and there has been no lack of praise on the sincerity of the one and on the understanding of the other towards an episode that would destabilize any couple. A week after the confession, there is also the version of the person concerned, the rapper August Alsina , who found himself in the arms of Pinkett and the story is told in music, with a song entitled “Entanglements”.

Entaglement the August Alsina song about betrayal

It is certainly not a random name that the 27 year old wanted to give to his song, since precisely with this term Jada Pinkett Smith had defined the relationship with the young rapper. The word has a meaning that descends from “tangling” and it is precisely on this point that August Alsina dwells that, in his passage, he sings: “entaglement” is rolling around between the sheets / Girl, I know we don’t call it relationship / But you are always fucking ** with me “, in short, a way to clarify what happened between him and the woman in question. The verses that make up the song are a succession of memories and suggestions of four years ago, a period in which the two had this passionate and fleeting encounter. The rapper declares in the notes that he is still in love with her, but nothing excludes that it is a way to romance even more what happened. The song has made over 5 million views.

Jada Pinkett’s confession

At the time of the relationship, she and her husband were in crisis and the marriage thought it was over. The two lived separately in the house and the meeting with August Alsina proved to be more intense than she herself could have imagined. If initially it seemed a fleeting passion, then, it became something more and more intense enough to cause her many sufferings: ” But it was in metabolizing this relationship of mine that I realized that I could not find happiness outside of myself. However, I just needed to feel good, it hadn’t happened to me for a long time. ”