Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: The Actor’s Terrible Joke After the Wedding With His Ex-Wife

After the wedding with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp made a joke that sounds sinister today, assuming it’s true: iO Tillett Wright revealed it to the Court of London.

Johnny Depp immediately after the wedding ceremony would have joked that from that moment he could punch Amber Heard. This was reported by iO Tillett Wright, the last witness heard by the court in the trial of the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga against the tabloid The Sun.

Now he can kiss the bride ” is heard by the priest after the wedding, but Johnny Depp’s version – according to witness Io Tillett Wright – is ” now he can hit the bride “. We are at the last testimony of the trial between the actor and The Sun, the tabloid reported because he had called the American star ” a whacker “. Wright said: ” The first thing Johnny said to me after the ceremony, while we were going to the reception, was ‘Now I can punch her in the face and nobody can do anything about it’ “. The witness soon after admitted: ” He probably intended it as a joke, ” Wright, who is also a close confidant of Heard added:But it’s only a joke if it’s not real, but at that point I knew it had already hit her . “

iO Tillett Wright, a friend and photographer of Amber Heard, told the Court that I had known the previous year that Depp was violent towards Heard: ” I knew that the relationship between Amber and Johnny was unstable and involved many verbal abuses, only to the late 2013 or early 2014 I realized that he was physically violent towards him . “

Throughout the courtship and marriage period – and until the couple separated a year after the wedding – the Aquaman star did not mention Depp’s abuse, Wright testified. Amber told me that she had hidden the physical violence suffered by Johnny to protect him, because he hoped he would stop once the addiction problems were resolved .” The photographer told the court: ” Amber told me that she also did it out of pride and to protect both from friends’ criticism. She was embarrassed and knew that if she confessed it, we would have told her to leave it and she wouldn’t she was ready to do it . “

During the trial many witnesses were heard, numerous photos and videos were shown, such as the video of James Franco and Amber Heard in the elevator after the dispute between the actress and her ex-husband Johnny Depp.