Justin Bieber, Visit to Friend Kanye West (In the Most Difficult Moment)

If, according to the ancient proverb, the true friend recognizes himself in times of need, Kanye West can brand his colleague Justin Bieber as such . Not that it is a novelty , of course, but the decision of the Canadian singer to visit the American rapper at this very delicate moment is undoubtedly a beautiful gesture that confirms the closeness between the two artists.

The testimony of the meeting comes through a photo posted by West on his Twitter profile : the image shows his famous collaborator Damon Dash sitting next to Justin. “DD & JB discuss the new prototypes of spray foam walls at the c ampus YZY “, the caption reads, where the acronym YZY stands for ” Yeezy ” which is precisely the nickname of Kanye.

For now, no message on Bieber’s social networks, which apparently was doing a road trip with his wife, Hailey Baldwin . At some point, however, he opted for a detour , heading towards the immense West ranch in Wyoming : the reasons for this decision are unknown , but it is likely that Justin was worried after the last vicissitudes of his friend.

Kanye, in fact, after announcing that he wanted to run for the White House against Trump (who until recently supported), unexpectedly went on stage for his first (and confused) political rally , during which he even revealed a very personal anecdote : having thought about abortion during Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy . Which then took the floor .

“I understand that Kanye is a public figure and therefore subject to criticism, ” he wrote on Instagram, “but suffers from bipolar disorder. So I ask the media for understanding and empathy for him to get through this moment. ” Affirmations to which Damon Dash replied: «I see him every day, he has not lost his head . In fact, he works a lot and is doing very well ».

So, between delusional tweets then deleted and a record that was due to be released on July 24 but of which there are still no traces, Bieber has decided to go and see for himself the situation in West: on the other hand also the Canadian popstar in the past – because of the depression – he went through a dark period, from which he came out thanks to that faith in God so dear to West as well.

Maybe Justin could give his friend Kanye that spiritual support needed to find balance and serenity.