Kanye West Apologizes to Kim Kardashian: ‘Please Forgive Me’

After the tweets in which he accused her of wanting to lock him up, and invoked a divorce, the rapper asked his wife for forgiveness, obviously on Twitter

The umpteenth chapter of the Kanye West – Kim Kardashian story and the rapper’s candidacy for the presidential elections has been written.

What’s up with Kanye West? “My wife Kim Kardashian wants to intern me”

In recent days, after his shock rally, Kanye West had publicly accused his wife of wanting to intern him (with some tweets later removed). And, a few days later, the businesswoman had broken the silence by talking on Instagram about the bipolar disorder with which her husband is affected.

Now, here to write about Twitter is the new West. This time, however, to apologize .

Kanye West, the public apology

Kim Kardashian: the Instagram stories where he talks about Kanye West


Kanye West apologized to Kim Kardashian on Twitter for making their private affairs public. This tweet came during a visit to a local emergency room in Wyoming (where he and Kim own a ranch).

The rapper has finally broken the silence on the state of his marriage, asking Kim for forgiveness after a week of disconnected Twitter posts about their relationship. In those posts, West accused his wife of trying to “lock him up”, manifesting his willingness to divorce . And he remembered, as already told during the rally in South Carolina, his intention to have Kim abort when she was expecting North (the first of their four children).

On the same day he made his apology, Kanye West visited Cody Regional Health in Wyoming , as concerns about his mental health continued (and continue) to grow. A member of his staff revealed to DailyMail.com that the rapper was there to visit a friend. But no official news has been given on the matter: the only certainty is that that trip to Wyoming came after a stop in San Francisco , where he visited an art studio and tried (in vain) to meet Kim Kardashian.

“I want to apologize to my wife Kim for making a private matter public. I didn’t know how to protect her like she protected me. Kim, I know I hurt you. Please forgive me. Thanks for always being by my side, ”he wrote.

Justin Bieber fa visita a Kanye West

Justin Bieber (PHOTO) showed his support for Kanye West, among others . The Canadian singer chose to visit his friend, just when most of the public opinion turned his back on him. The rapper himself testified the visit and posted a photo on his Twitter profile. In the image, described as “DD & JB discuss the new prototypes of spray foam walls on the YZY campus”, we see Justin Bieber sitting next to Damon Dash , a historic collaborator from West.

Together with Bieber, his wife Hailey Baldwin also visited the rapper .