Keanu Reeves: “I Didn’t Know Whether to Accept Constantine: I Wasn’t British and Not Even Blonde”


Constantine turned 15 and Keanu Reeves, Francis Lawrence and Akiva Goldsman remembered the experience of making the film based on the comics.

Constantine turned 15 and Keanu Reeves , during a panel to celebrate the film at Comic-Con @ Home, recalled how initially he had many doubts that were holding him back in accepting the role of the supernatural events expert.
The event allowed for a small reunion of the feature film based on the DC comics, also involving the director Francis Lawrence and the producer Akiva Goldsman.

Keanu Reeves explained speaking of Constantine: ” I didn’t know the character, I hadn’t read the comics, and it was proposed to me by the manager I had at the time “. The star said she loved the script and started researching, however she was a little undecided: ” I was not British and not even blond like the version between the pages “. The star therefore decided to understand what could have been interesting and new to the part, as well as having loved the sense of humor. The director and the producers, after Reeves accepted the role, admitted that they never thought of having him use a British accent and the changes in the look of the character compared to the comic were approved very soon.
Keanu later emphasized that he loved the experience lived on set and appreciated the possibility of working with all the people involved, as well as having loved the fact that it was shot on film.

Francis Lawrence explained that he worked on the visual aspects of the film for many months and then met Reeves for a few hours after completing his work on the set of The Matrix. The filmmaker, who was making his debut in the world of cinema after making many music videos, revealed that he was inspired by noir films and cult films such as Blade Runner. Lawrence also revealed: ” Honestly Warner Bros did not seem very interested in the film and the situation changed after they saw it, but initially they didn’t have much confidence in the project .”

Reeves also explicitly asked for the film to be shot in Los Angeles, having a clause included in his contract to make sure the location wasn’t changed.
Furthermore, the atmosphere of the film immediately led the project to obtain the R rating, thus becoming forbidden to minors, despite the director and the producers having tried to obtain another classification.

Goldsman and Lawrence finally recalled how a possible sequel was talked about for a long time, bringing out ideas and ideas that were not materialized, despite the viewers had loved, and are still discovering Constantine after fifteen years.