Professor Bassetti “Gives the Numbers”: “These Are Facts and Evidence Medicine. Not Words »

The article entitled “ High doses of hydroxychloroquine do not affect viral clearance in patients with SARS-CoV- has just been published in the scientific journal Eur J Clin Invest , by Doctor Lucia Taramasso , member of the research group of the Policlinico San Martino Hospital. 2 infection “.

This article shows how hydroxychloroquine, even at high doses, has no effect on the viral load of patients with SarsCov-2. Hydroxyloroquine was used for the first few weeks and then, also in light of the results reported in the research, it was eliminated from the hospital protocols.

This was announced by Professor Matteo Bassetti , coordinator of the GECOVID research group for the part of infectious diseases, a group that to date has published as many as 14 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals with high impact index on COVID- 19 and SarsCoV-2 and is preparing to publish 15 others.
« We have managed and treated at our best over 1200 patients. Done prospective field research. These are facts and evidence medicine. Not words »concludes in his post Professor Bassetti who a few days ago” gave the numbers “in his social sharing absolutely to read:

Let’s give some numbers

Data released yesterday by the Ministry of Health tell us that ICU patients (48) and in other hospital wards are continuously decreasing. This compared to an increase in the number of subjects who tested positive for SarsCov-2 or rather, for the majority, asymptomatic, healthy carriers of viruses. It is clear that today everything is very different from 5 months ago.
These data show that the presentation and clinical evolution of the disease has profoundly changed in the last two / three months. It is no longer the same we met in March.

Those like me who have been working in the hospital since the beginning of the Italian epidemic have been able to see a sudden change in the ability to bite and hurt from this virus
. Data from the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Policlinico San Martino in Genoa (forthcoming) confirm what has been said. We had 323 hospitalized. Hospital mortality for hospitalized patients in the months of February to May was 11.4%, that in the months of June and July was 0.
These are numbers. No hypotheses and assumptions.