The Release of Spider-Man 3 With Tom Holland Slips by Only One Month

In times of postponements and confusing calendars from the majors, it’s nice to know that the Spider-Man Far From Home sequel with Tom Holland remains more or less firm in its place.

We have just been informed various shifts in the calendars of the outputs of Paramount and Disney , but at home Sony for now at least the third Spider-Man starring Tom Holland , the sequel to Spider-Man Far From Home , does not stray too much from the last date decisive: in fact she slips in the US for only a month, from November to December 2021 , perhaps to give Holland the time to close the previous Uncharted (always Sony) production more calmly, given that the shooting of the two feature films have almost overlapped due to postponements due to the pandemic.

Indeed Spider-Man 3Jon Watts with Tom Holland had already been moved once when the emergency became clear, from July 2021 to November. In these difficult times, when calendars are a complex puzzle in which to juggle, between own exits that accumulate and traffic jams of the competition, at least for now Peter Parker seems to be holding the helm.