14 Remain Infected and One Dies

After months of social distancing because of Coronavirus, in Texas, USA, one family felt safe to meet, however, immediately afterwards, 14 of its members contracted the disease and one of them died, while another was hospitalized in intensive care , as reported by NBC News.Dallas-based Tony Green organized a meeting with family members, during which none of the six present wore a mask or followed any special precautions. The next day, Green began to experience symptoms compatible with those of Covid-19.

A few days later the father-in-law, Rafael Ceja, traveled with his wife from Dallas to Austin to visit one of their daughters and witness the birth of their first grandson. “My father-in-law got sick that night in Austin,” said Green. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law tested positive for the virus, as did the parents of the newborn.
Green was later hospitalized with his father-in-law Rafael, who developed severe pneumonia. In addition, the virus attacked Rafael Ceja’s central nervous system. Shortly thereafter, Ceja’s mother was hospitalized and died of Covid-19.

Two other sisters from Ceja, one of her granddaughters and a brother-in-law were infected later, bringing the total number of family members to 14 infected. So far twelve of them have recovered or are recovering, while Ceja himself is hospitalized in intensive care.
“I can’t help feeling responsible,” Green told the press. 



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