Adele Vairo Meets the Youth Forum … Without a Mask



CASERTA – Councilor Adele Vairo  meets the  Youth Forum contravening her President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca who, perhaps she has forgotten, taken by so many institutional commitments, has signed the ordinance n.61 which contains further measures for the per the management and prevention of the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19.

These are the main points that we want to remind you of the Mayor:

1. Obligation to wear a mask in all public transport terminal areas (including docks and tracks) as well as at the entrance and on board the means of transport and throughout the journey;

2. Obligation for companies of all means of transport to prohibit the entry of passengers who do not wear a mask on board and to take all appropriate measures to avoid gatherings on board, until the full outflow of passengers upon arrival. The same order postpones to 9 July 2020 further decisions regarding the load of passengers allowed on board the means of transport by road and rail, thus confirming the current limitations pending the competent decisions of the state bodies.

3. The Mayors are asked to adopt suitable measures to ensure the safe use of the spaces and bodies of water not subject to a state property concession, for the duration of the emergency period, in order to ensure compliance with the necessary clearance and controls of any landings.

4. The Authorities and the competent bodies are called upon to supervise compliance with the state regulations which oblige those who return from third States to home isolation and controls (swabs and / or serological tests) are carried out on Italian and foreign subjects. foreigners who enter the regional territory from non-Schengen areas.

These are the facts, the first official meeting at the headquarters in Piazza Ruggiero: spotlights on the “Giovani Insieme!” Project, on the creation of the Association Register and on the possibility of implementing new activities in the area

A first institutional comparison based on innovative ideas, concrete proposals and forward-looking planning. A truly fruitful meeting between the councilor with responsibility for youth policies, Adele Vairo, and the representatives of the Youth Forum in Caserta.

This is what was staged on Monday 27 July, at the institutional forum of the Youth Forum in Piazza Ruggiero. Present at the appointment, without adequate mask , representing the board and the entire assembly of the Forum, the president Cristiano Masetto, the treasurer Alessia Pisani, the directors Luca Barbieri (of the Forum Work and Education Commission) and Antonio Ferrante (of the Commission Sport and Inclusion).

“It was a very interesting meeting – said the president of the Caserta Youth Forum, Cristiano Masetto – We discussed what has already been done and what still needs to be done. On the part of the councilor there was the maximum availability in supporting our initiatives and in carrying out our requests, this is very important for us also because in these two years all the Forum advisors have worked very hard to do their best its function “.

The discussion focused mainly on some of the hottest topics for the Forum. First of all, the “Giovani Insieme!” Project, the winner of the “Giovani in Comune” call and co-financed by the Campania Region and the Municipality of Caserta, whose activities will begin next September. Subsequently, the attention was focused on the creation of the Register of Associations of the Municipality of Caserta, a project on which the Forum has been working for almost two years and which must be carried out through the collaboration with the councilor Adele Vairo. Finally, the discussion focused on the need to continue the motions and requests already approved by the assembly of the Youth Forum in the previous months (such as the one on illegal work) and the possibility of implementing new activities in the area.

“There is a great synergy of goals, intents and objectives – said the commissioner for youth policies, Adele Vairo – I received this delegation from the mayor Carlo Marino with great satisfaction, because for me the approach to the youth world is daily bread and because I believe that the promotion of youthful excellence, of talent is an ethical imperative for all of us adults, for institutions and for educators. And therefore the meeting with the Youth Forum was a moment of interesting planning that will surely bear fruit of great interest for the territory and that I will support with all my strength, guaranteeing all institutional and personal support from here on ” .