Coronavirus World, the Infections Run in the USA. Trump on the Vaccine: “Incredible Progress”. Another 61 Cases in China


The pandemic continues in the world. Another 56,336 infections affected the United States yesterday, Monday 27 July, while Brazil confirms itself as the second most affected country. In the US, 1,076 people died on Monday: data are provided by Johns Hopkins University cited by CNN. In total, at least 4,290,259 coronavirus infections were reported in the United States, including at least 148,011 deaths, according to JHU. This includes cases from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and other American territories, as well as positive returnees.

Vaccine. Trump: “We have made incredible progress”

That the commander in chief was aiming for the big hit against Covid-19 is no secret. The novelty is the opening of the top expert on the vaccine available between October and November: the immunologist at the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. «I cannot guarantee success – Fauci points out – for this reason clinical tests are carried out. But the premises are good ». Currently there are about 25 vaccines in the clinic, that of human tests, according to data from the World Health Organization while infections in the States are over 4.2 million and deaths almost 150 thousand.

The Chinese are also in the race, the arms race against the coronavirus is a matter of geopolitical supremacy. Morgan Stanley estimates that the vaccine could guarantee up to 30 billion admissions per year in the initial immunization phase to the first finder. In America, “we made incredible progress,” says Trump, who flew to Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies headquarters in Morrisville, North Carolina yesterday, a few hours after the news of the positivity of one of his closest collaborators, national security advisor Robert. O’Brien. The location of the visit was not chosen at random: the North Carolina biotech company was awarded a contract financed by the White House to develop the experimental Novavax vaccine, with the


The Russian case. There are 5,395 new cases of Covid-19 registered in Russia in the last 24 hours. The total number of infections found in the country thus rises to 823,515, the fourth in the world in absolute terms. This was reported by the Russian anticoronavirus operations center, specifying that over the last day 150 people died from the Sars-Cov-2 virus. The official total of the victims of the new virus in Russia thus rises to 13,504. 


The situation in China is complicated, after the 61 new cases of Covid-19 recorded on Sunday, 68 others were registered yesterday. The latest worst data, with 75 infections, dated back to March 6. According to updates provided by the National Health Commission, 64 locally transmitted infections were reported, including 57 in Xinjiang, 6 in Liaoning and one in Beijing. The remaining 4 cases were filed as imported: two ascertained in Shanghai, one in Beijing and one in Yunnan. The new confirmed asymptomatics were 34, of which 6 imported.


Brazil, as mentioned, is the second country in the world for infections. Here, 23,000 new cases were registered yesterday. Total infections reached 2,442,375. There have been 614 deaths in the past 24 hours, worsening the balance to 87,618. The health authorities of Brasilia have made it known. Covidian Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro returned to work yesterday.

Belgium curfew

In Belgium, meanwhile, a curfew has started with the mandatory mask in Antwerp. This is after the surge in coronavirus infections. The Belgian authorities have ordered the ban on travel – except for essential activities – between 23.30 and 6 in the morning, while the mask will be mandatory in all public places and where a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters cannot be maintained. Contact sports are also prohibited, while team sports are only allowed for children under the age of 18. Finally, telework is mandatory, where possible. According to the latest data, in the week from 18 to 24 July in Belgium there was an average of 311.4 cases per day, an increase of 69% compared to the previous week. 



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